Cathi’s Philosophy
I believe that optimum health is expressed through harmony within the body and the mind.

Tension within the physical body can cause emotional stress, just as emotional stress can cause physical tension.

Whatever the source of tension, it is disruptive to the harmony and can manifest as pain, injury, discomfort or illness. I believe this is a cycle that
feeds upon itself if it is not disrupted.

Massage breaks the cycle and promotes harmony within the bodymind. Massage is effective only if it is done within a safe environment with nurturing, comforting, and appropriate touch. This encourages the body to release tightness and
promotes total health for body and mind.

I revere the individual as a unique expression. With regard and respect, I treat the complete individual.
I help those who wish to help themselves.



Cathi’s Code of Ethics

  • I acknowledge and esteem the inherent worth, 
    individuality and magnificence of each person.

  • I accept the responsibility to self, clients, and associates to maintain personal physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

  • I maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and am committed to providing the best treatment I am capable of offering to all clients who seek my professional services.

  • I guarantee that all representations of my professional and personal qualifications and affiliations are authentic and verifiable.

  • I abide by the professional and ethical standards of the International Massage Association (IMA) and project a professional image for myself, my business and the massage profession.

  • I provide bodywork within the scope of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork’s (NCBTMB) definition of massage, bodywork, and somatic therapies.

  • I drape each client to ensure their personal security, privacy,  and comfort.

  • I do not insinuate, initiate, or engage in any sexual conduct or behavior with any client at any time—even if the client has any of those intentions.

  • I maintain a hygienic, attractive, and comfortable environment  for bodywork, wherever treatment occurs.

  • I sustain clear and honest communications with my clients. I  keep all client information confidential unless any disclosure is ordered by law or judicial authority.

  • I acknowledge the limitations of my skills and when appropriate, refer clients to another bodywork practitioner or health professional if such would be advantageous to the client.

  • I am dedicated to the best interest of my client and refrain from taking on professional or social obligations without clear communication. I seek professional supervision if the potential for such a situation exists or already has occurred.

  • I refuse any offering that is intended to persuade me to alter the treatment of the client in such a way as to violate this code of ethics.

  • I am committed to helping those who wish to help themselves.



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