ďIíve been seeing Cathi for more than 2 years now. When I first started, I had been going through an extremely stressful time and the massages were Ďmy timeí to relax and restore my sanity, which is what I expected from a massage. I didnít expect it to be a healing time...both physically and emotionally. After a massage from Cathi, Iím restored to a level of calmness that I maintain long after the massage is over. Iím so much more aware of when my body is reacting to stress now, because I know how it feels when itís relaxed, so I try to maintain that state as long as possible. Cathiís massages also help my body heal faster from injuriesóboth new and old. Cathi constantly amazes me by how she seems to know exactly where my sore spots are without me needing to tell her. Itís like her hands have Ďmental telepathy.í I highly recommend her!Ē

ó Tress R, San Diego, CA



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She is available for appointments in her central San Diego office at 5252 Balboa Avenue, Suite 306, San Diego, 92117, or she will bring her mobile massage table to your home or office. Booking is flexible and accommodating to most busy lifestyles.

Corporate chair massage appointments are available either as a one-time reward for your employees, or on a regularly scheduled program.

Session Rates:

Studio Visit:

  • 60 Minutes: $85

  • 75 Minutes: $95

  • 90 Minutes: $110

Busy Schedule? Cathi will bring the spa and therapy to you.

Travel to your Home or Office:

  • 60 Minutes: $125

  • 75 Minutes: $135

  • 90 Minutes: $150

Package rates are available. Purchase 5 Sessions and receive 10% discount. Package rate applies to Studio Visits only.


To avoid paying for missed appointments, a cancellation notice of at least 6 hours is required for weekday/evening appointments (Monday thru Thursday). Weekend appointments (Friday, Saturday) require a 12 hour notice of cancellation. Find someone to fill your appointed time and you will avoid a cancellation fee.

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